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San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America, Americas

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"Enjoy city, jungle, beach, and hot springs, in a country known for its breath-taking beauty and incredible biodiversity!"

Let the warm sands brush your toes, feast your eyes on intriguing and unique wildlife and dive head into the Costa Rican sea in the Tortuguero Costa tour. Costa Rica, although small in area, boasts an abundance of natural beauty, contributing 5% to the world’s biodiversity. With 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves, over 200 volcanic formations, lots of animal reserves and a community that dedicates itself to maintaining their beautiful country, Costa Rica is the dream destination for those concerned with protecting the environment.The Tortuguero Costa tour is the perfect introduction to a country that has plenty to offer and see. Start your adventure in the Costa Rican capital, San Jose. Visit the National Theatre, one of the only surviving colonial buildings – if you’re lucky, you might even catch a performance! Travel north to the sleepy town of La Fortuna and take your first steps on the active Arenal Volcano. After a long trek, finish your day with a relaxing dip in one of the natural hot springs! Make your way East and sail through the inland jungle canals into Tortuguero National Park; get lost in the mesmerising greenery of the jungle and try to spot the wide variety of wildlife that reside in the dense vegetation. Before returning to San Jose for the end of your adventure, make a final stop in Cahuita, a national park with stunning beaches and an off-shore coral reef.

Tucan Travel are proud providers of incredible tours that cater for the adventurous souls of the world, whilst keeping one very simple thing in mind: sustainability. Their aim is to make adventure travel sustainable for the long term. To achieve this, Tucan Travel have implemented measures that respect the delicate ecosystems, wildlife and natural habitats that they are exploring, following strict rules to minimise the effects of tourists' presence. They have developed waste management solutions to help recycle, repair and reuse materials, and have also introduced a carbon offset scheme that encourages the use of public transport wherever possible, further helping to minimise their carbon footprint.Many of Tucan Travel’s tours include opportunities to view local wildlife in national parks or at dedicated conservation centres. Animal welfare is big focus for Tucan Travel who even have their own policy which includes only working with suppliers who meet their animal welfare standards, and offering wildlife encounters only insofar as they directly benefit that species. With so many sustainability initiatives and more, such as contribution to local community schemes, supporting the work of World Land Trust and LATA in Latin America, Tucan Travel are truly committed to eco-tourism and their long term target of sustainable tourism.

Day 1
day 1

Arrival: Arrive at San Jose at any time - there are no pre-organised activities and after you check into the hotel you are encouraged to explore the city for the day. Costa Rica’s capital was once a colonial city, and although many of the buildings have been damaged by earthquakes some still survive. Visit the 1897 National Theatre, and the highly recommended Gold, Jade and National Museums!

Day 2-3
day 2-3

La Fortuna: Travel from the Central Valley to La Fortuna, a town situated in the north of Costa Rica. The main attraction in La Fortuna is the nearby Arenal Volcano, which has been constantly erupting since 1968. Enjoy a leisurely lunch and explore the town before venturing out on a trek of the volcano and bathing in the luxurious local hot springs. You can also take an optional night excursion where you are taken to a site near the volcano to sample the local alcoholic spirit! Optional activities around the area include visiting local waterfalls, caving, rappelling, white-water rafting, wildlife watching and more.

Day 4-5
day 4-5

Tortuguero: Travel by bus to the port of Moin near Limon, where you will board a boat and sail along the inland jungle canals to Tortuguero National Park. Located on the Atlantic/Caribbean coast, the park is teeming with wildlife – you’re sure to spot a large variety of animals including the ‘Jesus Lizard’, aptly named for its ability to walk on water! Between July and October, you will be able to observe the Green Sea Turtles arrive at the beaches to lay eggs or event hatch and make their way back to sea.

Day 6-7
day 6-7

Cahuita: Continue to the small beachside town of Cahuita. Take an optional excursion to the dazzling Cahuita National Park, which boasts beautiful beaches and an off-shore coral reef. Enjoy a stroll through the forest, keeping an eye out for the variety of creatures that call this nature reserve home. Take your swimsuit with you and soak up the sun at one of the beaches within the park. The town of Cahuita has an impressive selection of restaurants where you may sample some fruits of the sea whilst revelling in the rhythms of reggae music. Optional tours include visiting a nearby Sloth Sanctuary, a snorkelling tour, surfing lessons, and visiting the Jaguar Rescue Centre.

Day 8
day 8

San Jose: Return to San Jose for another night. In the evening there are plenty of world class restaurants to choose from and some great nightlife - especially if you are here on the weekend!

Day 9
day 9

Tour Concludes: Your adventure has come to an end. If you have a late night flight or have lengthened your stay by adding post-tour accommodation, you will have more time to explore the city’s sights.

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San Jose, Costa Rica
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